We are dedicated to delivering expert-led, empathetic, and evidence-based treatment to all Canadians living with obesity.


Our vision is a future in which all Canadians are hopeful and have access to real obesity treatment – so that people with obesity discover their best weight and can enjoy a positive and healthy life.


Our story is a simple one. Each founder at MWM has dedicated their careers to helping people with obesity. We’ve spent countless hours re-writing the narrative that has led to people being blamed for their weight, told it’s a matter of will power, and to simply eat less and move more. We’ve seen patients try so many times, only to be disappointed over and over again. We believe those living with extra weight or obesity deserve REAL treatment, not blame.

We are obesity experts who have led the national and global discussion on establishing obesity as a chronic disease and advocated for access to real, safe and effective treatment for our patients. Despite these efforts, access to treatment is still lacking. We cannot sit back and wait any longer.

At MWM, we have built a comprehensive, evidence-based behavioural and medical program for obesity, available to all Canadians*. We aim to transform the way Canadians think about weight, the way Canadians talk about weight, and the way Canadians live with weight.

We put our patients first – always.

*MWM is currently available in Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.
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Leadership Team

Jamie Harsevoort
Jamie is a passionate Health-Tech entrepreneur motivated by improving peoples' well-being through innovation. As the CEO of MWMCC and its parent company, Launchit Ventures, Jamie is very proud of the team’s dedication to excellence and patient well-being.

Chief Executive Officer, BSc
Frank Naus
Frank Naus is the Chief Administrative Officer of MWM and supports the team in its interactions with Launchit Ventures Shared Services, external vendors, sponsors, and is active in marketing and sales. Frank is CEO of Lumedi Inc. and a Partner at Launchit Ventures Inc., two of MWMs founding companies. He is an Instructor in the Clinical Trials Management program at Western University. He started his career in clinical research and sales with Astra Pharma Inc. (AstraZeneca) and ran several clinical research organizations. He spent five years in the public sector as Director of Research Administration and then Vice President, Research at Hamilton Health Sciences. Frank earned his Doctorate in Business Administration from Walden University and has an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University and MSc and BSc degrees in Applied Health Sciences from the University of Waterloo. Email: frank@mwmcc.ca Phone: 416-706-2579

Chief Administrative Officer, DBA, MSc
Danelle Maclean
Danelle is a Registered Dietitian, has a Masters in Applied Nutrition, is a Certified Bariatric Educator and is a Project Management Professional. She has spent her career building patient-programs in chronic disease space and has a particular passion for developing weight management services. Access to evidence-based care for people living with weight is a huge challenge in Canada. Danelle is proud to head up the operations for a centre where people find the hope and the help they deserve.

Chief Operating Officer, MAN, RD, CBE, PMP
David Macklin
David A. Macklin is a University of Toronto trained family physician, psychotherapist and an obesity management expert.  He has committed his career to the prevention and treatment of obesity, directing multidisciplinary, evidence-based behavioural weight management programs for over 19 years.  David is a lecturer at the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine and staff at Mount Sinai Hospital.   He is a Science Committee member at Obesity Canada and the Medical Director of the Weight Management Program at the Medcan Clinic in Toronto. David is a co-author of the Canadian Action Study, and the Behavioural Treatment Chapter in 2020 Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines for the treatment of Obesity in adults. cWith a passion for knowledge translation, David is the creator of the Macklin Method™ (www.macklinmethod.com), a global obesity treatment training program.

Medical Director, MD, CCFP
Megha Poddar
Megha Poddar is an endocrinologist and obesity medicine specialist dedicated to improving the lives of people with obesity. Despite her commitment to her clinical practice, she is frustrated by the limited access to safe and effective treatments and the ongoing stigma faced by her patients. Dr. Poddar has authored several resources on obesity education and is a co-author of the Assessment chapter of the 2020 Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines. She also mentors healthcare providers globally in techniques to improve the delivery of effective obesity care. As the Medical Director of the Medical Weight Management Centre of Canada (MWMCC), Dr. Poddar is working to improve the future of obesity treatment in Canada. MWMCC was created on the principles of improving access to evidence-based support for behavioural and medical obesity treatment. The healthcare providers at MWMCC have undergone extensive training, leading the way in delivering compassionate, stigma-free obesity care. The MWMCC platform harnesses technology to deliver healthcare and gather outcome data, striving to revolutionize access to support for obesity treatment in Canada. With a passion for advocating on behalf of patients and bringing about positive change, Dr. Poddar has an unwavering commitment to improving the lives of Canadians struggling with obesity.

Medical Director, MD, FRCPC, ABOM
Lesley Hewston
Lesley is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Bariatric Educator. She has spent her career working in a wide variety of settings and treatment areas, but specializes in weight management. She is passionate about helping patients through evidence-based care and access to effective treatment options. She is excited to be a part of the changing landscape of weight management care in Canada, and the impact of the MWM team to the lives of Canadians!

Program Manager, RD Practice Advisor, BASc, RD, CBE
Kieran Kwok
Kieran is a passionate and talented health information technologist. Kieran has a Masters in e-Health, a Bachelors in Biomedical Discovery & Commercialization and a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Medical Science. As our Senior Technical Advisor, Kieran keenly focuses on the user-experience of both customers and our HCPs delivering care, ensuring MWM is a class-leading product!

Sr Technical Advisor, MSc, BHSc, BMSc

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