Modifiable Factors in Weight Management

Factors in your control

Medical Weight Management Centre of Canada

Modifiable Factors in Weight Management

Factors in your control

Your weight journey doesn’t have to feel helpless. Changing a few factors in your daily routine can put you on the right path toward your weight goals. 

Despite the genetics, hormones, metabolism, and our obesogenic environment there are still active changes we can make to create a healthy impact in our weight journey. 

Sleep can help us balance our hunger hormones better, lessening our drive to eat. This means that adequate sleep can help us better moderate our wanting and sense of restraint when it comes to eating and the food choices we make. Aim for around 7 or more hours each night to help reset the hormones that regulate your appetite system.

Be mindful of the food cues in your environment. Such cues can sometimes lead us to consume foods beyond need. You may want to look at your high-risk time of day and find strategies to manage this. Perhaps you could include smaller, more frequent, and balanced meals or snacks in the day at scheduled times. Practice getting into the habit of bringing your own food rather than eating out.      

Staying active can have a positive impact on your weight as well as reducing the drive to eat. Start small with some light activities and gradually build up. Most importantly, have fun while doing it. Take a 30-minute walk, take the stairs, or bike to work for your morning commute. Every little bit counts! 

Managing stress is just as important to your weight journey. Stress-induced eating can make us more vulnerable to our environmental food cues, making us choose foods that are higher in sugar and fat. It’s increasing wanting and decreasing restraint, leading to unnecessary food intake. Identify your stress triggers and find strategies to moderate this.  

Our team of weight management experts will help you evaluate the factors that might be getting in the way of a successful weight management journey.  Contact us at the Medical Weight Management Centre of Canada to learn more.  

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